Free Entitlement is provided by the Government.

Children can use up to 15 hours per week and over 38 weeks at Country Mice.

Free entitlement for 3 and 4 years old

All 3 and 4 year olds are eligible for funding the term after they become 3 years of age. The table below gives details of eligibility criteria.

A child born on or between… …will become eligible for a free place from…
1 April and 31 August     => 1 September, following their third birthday
1 September and 31       => December 1 January, following their third birthday
1 January and 31 March   => 1 April, following their third birthday

A Free entitlement leaflet  explains  in more detail.

Free entitlement for 2 years old

The 2 years old Free Entitlement applies to children qualifying for the Eligibility for 2 years old funding.

Please feel free to apply here and read the Free entitlement leaflet for details.

Financial support for childcare cost:

Tax-Free Childcare vouchers

The Government’s online service to help parents paying for childcare. For every £8.00 a parent pays in  to the childcare account the Government will pay in £2.00. Parents are then able to use this money to pay for childcare costs.  For more information please look at

Childcare vouchers are one of the ways in which your employer can assist you, as a working parent, with the costs of childcare, These are usually done online and are easy to set up. Please do let us know if you will be using vouchers so we can give you the relevant information.