How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?

The writing of an Individual Plan and One Page Profile

We will get to know about your child before they start. We will ask you to tell us about your child. We will carry out ongoing observational assessments. Targets linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage ages and stages of development and also that are achievable to support the learning and development of your child will be set. This enables planning for individual needs and learning goals.  Your childs  Learning Journal  will contain written observations, photographs and samples of your child’s work to support staff in assessing and planning to help your child progress to their next steps.

Communicating with all the professionals involved…

Your child’s key person/Leader and our senco will work together to make sure that the environment, routines and activities support your child’s needs, and they will communicate with the rest of the staff to provide consistency and understanding within our team.

We will ask for copies of assessments from other professionals before your child starts, and advice from advisory team will be sought, if necessary, with your prior permission.

The Head of Nursery will monitor and analyse progress of children within the setting to address any areas of weakness. This information will be used to focus on specific areas and adapt areas that are not meeting the children’s needs.

Remaining focus on children…

The children are involved in planning their next steps, consultations, helping with taking responsibility for their setting.

The children’s Learning Styles, interests and stage of development will be recognized and revisited to promote achievements and development.