How will my child be supported?

Settled from the start…

Before starting with us, we will invite you to a settling session.  You will also be asked to attend the initial sessions with your child.

Parents and children can find this transition very scary and to relieve anxiety we want you to get to know us first. You and your child will relax once you have got to know us and discovered our routine. This time also helps us to build a picture and gain further understanding about your child.

We will ask you to complete a Personal Profile about your child which is in their Learning Journal; this will help us to share information about your child’s strengths and needs. At the taster session(s) you will be able to discuss with the Key Person/Leader and/or senco and the Head of Nursery of any concerns or requirements your child may have.

Working together…

We will work with you to support your child together, listening to you and your child. Our INCO will explain how children’s individual needs can be met by planning support using an Individual  Plan and One page profile, and advice from the advisory team and will also explain who may be involved and their roles.

Observations, assessments and evaluations all contribute towards these and your child’s key person/Leader would oversee the targets. These are shared with you and we ask that you comment and share ideas/suggestions with us

Your child’s key person/Leader will be in the sessions your child attends, fostering a relationship with and understanding your child. The senco will also be present.

Managing a plan…

Together they will identify individual needs and plan next steps, accessing additional support from other professionals where necessary. Your child’s Learning Style, interests and stage of development will be used support their development.

The manager will maintain an overview of experiences and progress and the senco will work with all staff to ensure we are providing the relevant and appropriate support.

We will work in partnership with you, reviewing the childs individual targets, and planning new ones together, and share ideas of how we can all work to support your child.

It is always about children…

The children will have, ‘Child Friendly Plans’ and targets that they can work towards. Giving the children a voice and involvement in their own development: is the best way to get positive results!