How can I be kept informed of progress?


Next steps are created each term. These link to the EYFS ages and stages of development.  Staff share these with parents, we ask that parents note down anything their child can do and their interests.

Come and see…

We welcome any parents to stay and help. This is the perfect opportunity to see how your child is developing in the setting.

We also invite parents in for regular key person meetings. These are twice a year. However, each child’s key person is always on hand to arrange a meeting with parents at any point in the term if they wish.

Daily communication..

We are a very welcoming and happy setting , with very good relationships with our families. The head of Nursery is always in the lobby at opening and dropping times. She ensures that communication flows between all and she is also available for further discussion at a more suitable time for you.

We have daily opportunities when you are welcome to tell us of your child’s progress and gives opportunities for two way communication between us.

Written communication…

Newsletters are on our website and further information is displayed in the lobby.

We also use our closed Facebook page. We place lots of photos and useful information for parents on here, so please do request to join once your child attends with us.