8.4 Risk assessment and Suitable premises

  Policy statement

At Country Mice Nursery we believe that the health and safety of our children is of paramount importance. We make our setting a safe and healthy place for children, parents, staff and volunteers by assessing and minimizing the hazards and risks to enable the children to thrive in a healthy, safe environment.

When assessing risk we:

Identify the potential risk

Who is at risk

Assessment as to the level of risk, this is recorded as high, medium, and low risk. This is both the likelihood of it happening as well as the possible impact if it did.

Control measures to reduce/eliminate risk: what you need to do, or ensure others will do in order to reduce the risk.

Monitoring and review: We regularly monitor each assessed risk to be able to see if what we have said is working, is is tough enough, is it not working, or if it needs amending or finding a better solution.

Our risk assessment process covers adults and children and includes:

Checking for and noting hazards and risks indoor and outdoor, for different activities.

Assessing the level of risk and who may be affected.

Deciding which areas need attention.

Develop and action plan that specifies the action required, time scale for action, person responsible for the action and any resources required.


Children will be supervised at all times within the correct adult: Child ration as per OFSTEDs regulations.

 2-3 years 1:4, 3-4 years 1:8, 5-8 years 1:8

Where and EYP or Qualified teacher in the room with the children a 1:13 ratio may be used for children, however this is not our normal practice would only be between the hours of 9-3 if required.


Equipment used both in and outside the nursery is age and stage appropriate , is regularly checked for any faults or breakages. Equipment is clean and sterile where appropriate and on a regular basis cleaned.Any broken or faulty equipment are reported to management and taken out of play  areas and will be replaced as and when required.

Adult Safety:

All staff, students, volunteers and visitors will be made aware of and respect the health and safety policy- This is covered during induction. All staff are first aid trained. An appropriate amount of staff will be health and safety trained, manual handled trained, fire Marshall trained, this will be either in house or through WSCC. There will be designated persons for such areas-

Designated first Aider- Kerry Bentley, Donna Deamer, Charlotte Forrest and all other staff

Fire Safety Rep: Kerry Bentley and Charlie Somner

Health and Safety Rep: Kerry Bentley and Charlie Somner

Closure of Nursery under exceptional Circumstances:

As a Nursery we will endeavor to be a reliable source of childcare for you. However even despite the best planning and back up plans it is inevitable to under some circumstances, we may have no choice other then to close the Nursery where the childrens well being, health or safety may be compromised by circumstances beyond our control if we open. Examples of this could be large amounts of snow, lack of heating, no water supply, suspected gas leak.

Please note that parents/ carers and staff would be notified of any closure as soon as possible to avoid further disruption.

Where we completly understand that a closure for you may mean that your day is disrupted, it is our policy not to refund the days sessions due to any circumstances that are out of our control such as the examples listed above-This is not an extensive list.

Please note that if reasons are within our control- such as closure due to staff sickness for example, a full refund will be applied to your next invoice.