11.2 Planning



Long term planning:

Based on Country Mice’s long vision, the long term planning will ensure all children are given the best start in life and throughout their preschool years.

Our team of professionals are passionate and determined to make a difference in children’s lives through enriching conversations and activities.

Our engagement and partnership with other agencies support and compliment children’s interests and development within Country Mice and the community.

The experiences offered are based on our expertise and the elements around us. Via careful planning and observation, the EYFS is embedded within our routine and our practical activities such as: gardening, messy fun, sensory experience, nature discovery, recycling, health routine, and much more.

All year round children can access and discover a range of exciting activities and resources across all the 7 areas of learning and development.

Together and as well as educational programs, we will celebrate meaningful events in the children’s lives  and introduce them to new cultural experiences such as: birthday, Christmas, Easter,Diwali, Eid, big school transition and individual events which are in our knowledge and experience to reflect diversity and equality.

Please take the time to look at this useful leaflet that explains the Early Years Foundation Stage and gives lots of ideas Eyfs Leaflet

Medium term planning:

Workshop planning: Throughout each area of the nursery we have workshop areas, construction, role play, and science and investigation are just some examples. These are carefully planned out areas to ensure the children are provided with the best experiences and opportunities. Each area is closely linked with the EYFS to ensure that practitioners are aware of the learning outcomes available for the children in the areas. Workshop planning is reviewed once a term so new lines of interests can be followed and additional resources can be added.

Each  half term the staff team come together to create a medium term planner for the children looking at what the children’s interests are, the time of year, what is happening in the local environment and this links to the 7 areas of learning and development. This is a working document and adapts during the half term in line with the children’s learning and development.

The progress reviews carried out each half term and monitoring grid form a comprehensive feedback to create a well-balanced and adjusted planning for all children.

Our parents meetings (twice yearly) form part of our reflective planning and the feedback received is also used to support the planning.

Short term planning:

On the day-to-day basis children will discover an exciting range of activities based the children’s interests.

Individual Next Step Planning

Each child will have a range of activities planned for them by their child’s key person, These will be alongside the short term planning and will be taken form the child’s interests and termly next steps, that are shared with parents.