11.1 Learning Journal

 What is a Learning Journal?

At Country Mice, each child has a learning journal. This is a working  booklet of information about your child. We encourage you to fill in ‘all about me’ sheets during the settling in sessions as we believe that parents/ carers are a child’s first and most endearing educators and therefore working alongside you and gaining relevant information is so important.

We use this journal to record any observations that have been noted about your child’s development. Observations are quick notes of significant moments we may notice in your child’s learning. We include pictures, written observations, your child’s creations they have made whilst at nursery as well as formulate a ‘next steps’ for your child, this helps us to focus on your child’s individual needs and challenge them to progress though all areas of their development. Your child’s learning journal is the responsibility of their key person, they will plan activities for your child using their interests, parent input, their observations and knowledge of your child.

We ask parents to be active in sharing achievements and events allowing us to add these to their child’s learning journal. This can include e-mailing/ sending in pictures, post cards from trips away or simply filling out ” Did you know” slips from the lobby.

Learning journals are available for parents to view , please discuss with your child’s key person to arrange a suitable time. We do ask that learning journals do not leave the nursery as they are very precious.

Next Steps: Your child’s next steps will stem from the information we have within your child’s learning journal. The next steps will be split into the 7 areas of learning and development helping us to focus on your child’s individual needs and challenge them. Your child’s next steps will be shared with you every term, we really encourage you to add your comments and add your child’s interests that you have noticed within the home environment. We also really enjoy working with you, so bring in photos, write down anything you see your child do at home or any achievements and pass these on to your child’s key person!

2 yr Assessment: Under the EYFS framework we undertake a 2yr old assessment, this Will be carried out before your child turns 3 providing we have known the child for a least half a  term, but more importantly feeling that we know them as an individual. This will always be discussed with individual parents/ carers. With the introduction of the integrated review we will also work in partnership with your child’s health visitor.

Within this check your key person will summarise your child’s development across the three prime area of learning and development, this information will be discussed with you and we will also want your input, talking about how you think your child is developing, his/her interests and also what your child enjoys. You will be given a copy, and a second copy to share with your health visitor.

At the end of the preschool years, the child’s Learning Journals is sent home. A report of your child’s progress is sent to your child’s school to facilitate the child’s transition.

Please have a look at the what to expect when document, this gives you age expected outcomes for children and also ideas of how you can support them. https://countrymicenursery.files.wordpress.com/2018/02/4children_parentsguide_sept_2015v4web1.pdf

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